Motivational Speaker Has 150 Million Views From Rapping Dad Video

Here’s an incredible story about Derek Clark, motivation speaker  who grew up in foster care  and then turned into a viral video sensation with over 150 million views! Derek is a popular conference keynote speaker and is now known as the Rapping Dad. His video where he is rapping about celebrities with his kids in the car has been viewed  over 150 million times in the past 3 months.


What makes Derek different than all of the other videos showing a dad who raps? We have to look beyond the surface and go back to his past. Derek is a survivor or brutal child abuse, rejection and abandonment. At age five, he was thrown into the hard reality of foster care. Over the years, Derek dealt with some behavioral problems and oppositional defiance. He wouldn’t discover his ability to rap until he needed an outlet to creatively express himself. What is rap? It’s poetry in motion and Derek was jumping right in.

At the age of 16, he had just discovered that his biological sister had just been killed. Shortly after that his foster brother was also killed. He was very angry and felt abandoned once again. He needed a creative outlet so he ban the journey to write the pain that was deep inside. This proved very therapeutic to Derek and allowed him to build more confidence as he battled and performed for others.

Fast forward 25 years! Derek aged out of foster care and met the love of his life which he has been married for over 20 years. What makes this Rapping Dad different than others is Derek’s positive and uplifting message that he is passing on down to his own children. He is a believer in not passing generational curses to your children, but rather generational blessings. As a motivational speaker, audiences love when he rocks that mic with a rap of inspiration. Find out more about keynote speaker Derek Clark at

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