Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s ABC News Interview

Motivational speaker Derek Clark also known as the Rapping Dad in the viral videos gave a wonderful ABC News interview about overcoming great adversity growing up in the foster care system for 13 years.

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Derek Clark’s life is one of resilience and redemption. As a child he suffered unthinkable child abuse, abandonment and emotional distress before being turned over to the psychiatric hospital at age five. His thirteen years in the San Francisco bay area foster care system reflected an early life of humiliation, aggression, emotional distress, overwhelming anxiety and being wrongfully labeled.

Psychiatric reports stated that at the age of five years old, Derek had severe behavioral problems. Neurological reports stated that at six years old, he had the IQ of a two year old and diagnosed him with erratic psychosis. Having also been misdiagnosed as mentally handicapped and having numerous emotional and language difficulties, Derek never gave up.

With amazing help from his foster parents, a great social worker and mentors, he has defied the artificial limitations imposed upon him. Derek knows firsthand how to cope with adversity and overcoming hardship. His past has never held him back from accomplishing what he set his heart and mind to. From owning a very successful corporation to having a family, his maxim is to make no excuses.

Derek is an inspiring speaker and trainer has been featured on Headline News, The Steve Harvey TV Show, The Ricki Lake Show and other shows around the world. He has recently become a viral video sensation with his “Rapping Dad” videos which have had millions of views and have been featured on Best of Instagram and Vine. He is the author of six books including “Never Limit Your Life” “Disable The Label” and the “I Will Never Give Up” book series.

As a speaker, author and singer/songwriter, Derek has spoken and performed his music from Australia to Canada including a President of the United States. His true-life trials and personal triumphs have inspired organizations with his message of hope and unwavering perseverance.

His maxim is to make no excuses. He has turned his situation from a victim to a victor, equipping him with the wisdom and the will to never give up.

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